Artizen Cannabis – From Cannabiz To Showbiz

(Top) The Turkey Bowl title screenshot. (Bottom) THC graphic.
(Top) The Turkey Bowl title screenshot. (Bottom) THC graphic. Image by easypayhey from Pixabay.

Artizen Cannabis, a Washington State cannabis company, is featured in the movie The Turkey Bowl. Company CEO Timothy Foia is passionate in two areas, cannabis and motion pictures. That may sound ironic since there are tens of millions of people who would say the same thing, but few have been able to find a way to cultivate these passions into a financial and passionate success story.

With a deep love for the arts and cannabis, it’s not a shock that the company Timothy co-founded was named Artizen. “My partners and I came up with the name to be a play on words, utilizing the word and meaning of Artesian,” states Foia. “We wanted to project in words and design that our brand is handcrafted.”

In seconds of looking at any of the dozens of Artizen products, there is no doubt art is a major design element of the brand. Its Bauhaus art-themed package designs have created a customer base that has propelled Artizen into one of Washington State’s leading cannabis companies. “The arts have always been a passion for me and my family,” states Foia. “My father is an author, my brother is a screenwriter and when I am not running my business, I look for outlets in the arts to expand my thoughts.”

When the opportunity came about to support The Turkey Bowl movie, Foia did not hesitate for a second. “The opportunity was brought to my attention in 2015 by Jonas Roeser, who at the time was acting as our Chief Marketing Officer. I remember Jonas stating I have a unique opportunity to expand the Artizen brand to the film industry, via a motion picture. Think of the movies Old School meets Sweet Home Alabama!”

Hooked on the idea and taking a massive risk allowing the Artizen brand to be incorporated into another form of art without creative control, Foia jumped in and is extremely pleased with the outcome. “I had a chance to speak with three of the producers prior to the production who each have extremely notable accomplishments, and I felt safe handing off the Artizen brand to be used on character Fat Jack.” (played by Chris Reed of The Big Bang Theory and Enlightened.)

“When Jonas Roeser brought the product placement opportunity for Artizen to us, we were excited for the opportunity. Jonas has helped me with strategic partnerships in the past so I trust him. Then after speaking to Timothy, we were confident it would work. It was a pleasure working with both Jonas and Tim, and we couldn’t be happier with how the Artizen brand is portrayed and fits the tone of The Turkey Bowl,” states producer Erich Hover.

From Lionsgate, The Turkey Bowl puts its cinematic twist on the classic, small-town football rivalry as adults return to their Midwestern town 15 years after the big game was snowed out at halftime. “Patrick Hodges is the former high school quarterback turned big-time businessman who is engaged to a powerful politician’s daughter. He hasn’t been back home in years, so his buddies decide to lure him back for Thanksgiving in a pretty diabolical yet absolutely hilarious way all so they can finally finish the Turkey Bowl.”

The Turkey Bowl is now playing in selected theaters and is also available on Amazon Prime, Apple, Fandango, Google Play, Vudu, and other movie streaming platforms.

Watch the trailer.


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