Coastal – San Luis Obispo’s First Premier Cannabis Delivery Service

(Top) Coastal delivery car. (Bottom) Marijuana flower buds in black container.
(Top) Coastal delivery car. Image provided by Coastal. (Bottom) Marijuana flower buds in black container. Photo by Ndispensable on Unsplash.

Coastal opened its first non-store-front delivery operation in the city of San Luis Obispo and will service the entire San Luis Obispo county. “As a vertically integrated, retail-focused cannabis company, we are excited to be a leader in ensuring that the legal cannabis industry in San Luis Obispo is the gold standard for California and beyond,” said Julian Michalowski, CEO of Coastal. “As one of the few delivery services in the region, we take our responsibility of stewardship seriously. We believe in the importance of working together as an industry and are committed to being a thoughtful, trusted, and responsible community partner,” Michalowski added.

Coastal is a premium adult-use retail cannabis brand based in Santa Barbara with plans to expand into communities across Central California over the next year.

Currently, the company employs 50 team members in Santa Barbara with well-paying jobs and benefits and will add another 10 positions in San Luis Obispo. Coastal is on track to grow to over 100 employees in the region by next year. Coastal is currently building its delivery, distribution, and manufacturing hub in downtown Santa Barbara, along with a retail dispensary with delivery in Lompoc.

Committed to being an engaged community partner, Coastal has created an employee community service and philanthropic donations program: Coastal Cares. Coastal recently announced a partnership with the non-profit Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO), an organization that educates, advocates, and acts to protect and enhance the natural environment and human well-being of San Luis Obispo County. “We are thrilled to be working with such an exceptional local group that is addressing some of the most pressing environmental needs in the community,” explained Devon Wardlow, Director of Public Affairs of Coastal.

As part of employment at Coastal, all team members participate in our “Coastal Cares” program. Team members will participate in quarterly community service engagements through Coastal Cares. Coastal will compensate team members the same as if they worked a normal day. Additionally, Coastal will support its team’s efforts through monetary donations as part of Coastal’s commitment to donating 2% of net profits back into the community.

California’s Central Coast is at the forefront of the nation’s legal cannabis industry, making Coastal’s launch an important marker in shaping its future in the region. Josh Ginsberg, Coastal’s Chief Strategy Officer, heralded today’s opening saying, “The Coastal team has built its business to be finely attuned to the community’s needs and concerns while innovating what it means to be a cannabis retailer. It’s really exciting to see this organization leading by example and usher in this new chapter.” Ginsberg is the co-founder of the Colorado-based Native Roots Dispensary Group, one of the largest legal cannabis production and distribution companies in the world.


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