B2B Cannabis Expo Comes To Phoenix

The Business of Cannabis Arizona Expo, Feb.13-14, 2020.
(Top) The Business of Cannabis Arizona Expo, Feb.13-14, 2020. (Bottom) Marijuana plant. Image by Brent Barnett from Pixabay.

The first major B2B cannabis convention in the Southwest is coming to Phoenix, Arizona. The Business of Cannabis Arizona Expo will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 13-14, 2020. Speakers and industry experts will be on hand to offer knowledgable advice from the best grow lights to legal services.

Attendees can hear from industry leaders throughout the summit. Highlights include “Harness the Sun. Choosing the Right Grow Lights – Cannabis Grow Lights 101” by Rod Brady, chief operating officer with Cultilux, a leading horticulture light bulb manufacturer, and “Critical Cleaning – The Key to Quality & Safety” presented by Michael Moussourakis, senior director of strategic affairs with Alconox Inc, a top industry leader in laboratory detergents.

Other speakers include Youtech Founder and CEO Wilbur You with his session titled “Cannabis Marketing and Agency Advantages,” which aims to help individuals in the cannabis industry navigate platforms with “policies against advertising THC and CBD,” and Joshua Alper, Harvest 360 Technologies executive vice president, in his session “Leveraging Technology in Emerging Cannabis Markets.”

In addition to daily seminars, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide array of regional and nationwide exhibitors to discover and network with, the full spectrum of services for your cannabis business.

Key exhibitors include Sun Valley Health, an Arizona-based company, looking to help individuals struggling to break into the cannabis business through their territory franchise opportunities, and The Bud Builders, offering “all of the services you need to begin building your company successfully,” backed up by their team of experienced cannabis consultants.

For more information about the expo, visit azcannabisexpo.com.


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