Advanced Vapor Devices And Hanu Labs To Produce The Next Generation Vapes

The Hanu Stone Vaporizer.
The Hanu Stone Vaporizer. Image provided by Advanced Vapor Devices.

Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD) and Hanu Labs have partnered up to design and manufacture the next generation of vaporizers and pods for the Hanu platform.

Hanu Labs makes the popular Hanu Stone oil vaporizer. Inspired by the natural form and feel of riverbed rocks, the ‘Stone’ – with its elegant, eye-catching ergonomic shape and premium extract partners, has shifted the paradigm of vaporization.

The Hanu devices will be powered by proprietary AVD technology, including AVD’s porous ceramic heating core that improves pod performance and produces superior extract flavor.

“What we’re doing is keeping the very best of the Hanu platform, while enhancing and adding advanced features to new devices that will take the platform to an entirely new level. AVD’s knowledge of cannabis extracts, design, and engineering capabilities, will enable Hanu to provide its customers with a comprehensive selection of superior performing devices,” says Hanu Labs founder, Seibo Shen.

The new Hanu Stone Pod System, available beginning early January 2020, is the first in the series of product collaborations between Hanu and AVD. The pod system has been completely redesigned to enhance flavor, smoothness, and reliability. In addition to improving on consumer experience, the filling process has been streamlined to enable Hanu extract partners to fill, cap, and package the pods more efficiently.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hanu Labs. The ‘Hanu platform opens a new chapter for our companies and extends the boundaries of how AVD technology can be adapted and used in other premium vaporizer systems. It took a lot of R&D, but we feel we’ve engineered the safest and best performing pod in the market,” explained Michael Brosgart, Chief Operating Officer of AVD.


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