ACS Laboratory Remain Open Amid COVID-19 Closures

Screenshot from ACS Laboratory video: ACS Laboratory | Dedicated Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Testing Lab.

As a vital third-party testing laboratory for medical marijuana treatment centers, the company led the effort to be listed as an essential service provider (ESS).

Medical cannabis companies and treatment centers rely on third laboratory testing to report the safety and efficacy of products on their shelves. More importantly, patients rely on access to vital cannabis recommendations. That’s why ACS took action to be declared as an “essential service provider.”

Although the sun continues to rise and set, the world as we know it today is a difficult time. Amidst the spread of COVID-19, states and local officials in Florida are taking measures to enact curfews, close non-essential businesses, and cancel group gatherings. Florida medical marijuana treatment centers and ACS Laboratory are akin to healthcare and pharmaceutical services, which are “critical infrastructure” according to the Department of Homeland Security.

“ACS’s ability to do its part is integral to ensure that there is an adequate supply of verified, properly tested medical marijuana available to qualifying patients in Florida at all times,” said Roger Brown, President of ACS Laboratory.

Many patients rely on medical marijuana products for relief from conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, epilepsy, and post-traumatic stress disorder. They need access to recommended products that have passed the state’s regulatory standards for safety. This can only occur if a highly qualified laboratory like ACS remains operational, even in the face of mandatory emergency orders.

“Our stellar customer service and essential testing services will continue in the face of this pandemic. As of now we are not experiencing delays and will continue delivering test results as quickly as possible.” Additionally, Roger stated, “I personally want to inform every client that ACS Laboratory is here to support your business so we can continue serving patients with life-changing medicine. If we stay calm and diligent, we will all get through this crisis together.”

ACS Laboratory is the largest ISO certified, DEA registered, CLIA certified hemp/CBD and cannabis testing facility in the Eastern United States. It is a clinical-grade operation that has been continuously refining testing methods for 10+ years.


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