Fuzzies by Sublime – Top-Selling Infused Pre-Rolls Cannabis in California

Sublime's Mini Fuzzies are the best-selling infused pre-rolls in California.
Sublime’s Mini Fuzzies are the best-selling infused pre-rolls in California. Image provided by Sublime.

Sublime, an award-winning cannabis manufacturing company located in Oakland, Calif., has the best-selling infused pre-rolls in California, according to the cannabis analytics firm Headset.

Sublime is the top-selling brand in the entire “connoisseur/infused” pre-roll market, Headset data from the last 180 days shows. In the same data set, Sublime has the top three products in the segment for its Fuzzies line of pre-rolls, which are infused with cannabis concentrate and terpenes, and then rolled in oil and kief. Mini Fuzzies Indica is No. 1, Mini Fuzzies Sativa is No. 2, and Mini Fuzzies Hybrid is No. 3. Sublime’s King Fuzzies pre-rolls also rank highly in this segment, giving Sublime six of the top 10 best-selling infused products in California. In the greater pre-roll market Sublime has three of the top 10 best-sellers. Sublime has captured one-third of the infused pre-roll market in total sales numbers.

“The numbers speak for themselves and hats off to the entire team at Sublime,” said Headset CEO Cy Scott. “They’re creating great products and the market is clearly responding in a positive way. Headset is proud to be a partner, helping enable their success through real-time data and market intelligence.”

This news comes after a reorganization of the company last fall. Sublime is under new management with former General Manager Ahmer Iqbal stepping into the CEO role. He replaced co-founder and former CEO Alex Fang. Since taking over, Iqbal has reorganized and refocused the company. Iqbal brings more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain operations to Sublime.

“The team at Sublime is focused on creating products with the best experience and value for cannabis users,” Iqbal said. “We’re excited about the future, and we’re actively working to bring new products to market in Q2.”

LeafLink, an online wholesale cannabis marketplace, also recognized Fuzzies with a “LeafLink List” award for being a best seller across its whole platform in 2019.


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