CBDSeniors.com Promote CBD Usage and Awareness Among Seniors

CBDSeniors.com hero image.
Image provided by CBDSeniors.com.

Living Senior LLC is proud to announce its latest venture, CBDSeniors.com, a web platform that has been created to promote the usage of hemp-based products among the senior citizen community (those aged 50+). The founders of CBD Seniors have set out to educate seniors and their families on the positive effects that cannabis has on an individual’s immune system, amidst a global pandemic.

Longtime cannabis activists, Dr. Robert Melamede (Age 72) and former NORML National Director, Richard Cowan (age 72), along with, Dr. Igor Brussel, have launched the first website that specifically studies senior citizens and the endocannabinoid system.

Website co-founder Richard Cowan explains why this new information is so crucial at the present moment, especially for senior citizens, “What Dr. Bob, Dr. Igor and others have shown, is that cannabis is absolutely fundamental to understanding life and we haven’t even begun to understand its potential therapeutic abilities. Cannabis is the ultimate nutritional supplement, and banning it has had a devastating effect on the public health in the last hundred years.”, said Cowen.

For content samples including articles from Dr. Melamede and Mr. Cowan, please visit www.cbdseniors.com.


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