The Georgia Hemp Company Offers Delivery and Curbside Pick-up

The Georgia Hemp Company logo.
Image provided by The Georgia Hemp Company.

In states like Illinois, Colorado and Oregon, hemp and cannabis-related businesses are deemed essential during the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are many reasons for this, the first and foremost reason being the healing benefits of the plant, helping people with their anxiety, pain, immune system support and much more. For the Georgia Hemp Company, this means operating during this uncertain time.

The Georgia Hemp Company is offering limited touch curbside pick-up from 11 am-4 pm daily at the shop in Sandy Springs, along with the online store up and running for all of those who feel more comfortable having orders delivered to their home. Everyone can use code ATLANTA to save 15% on pick-up or delivery orders.

“The Georgia Hemp Company staying open is so important to me, I have anxiety and with all that is going on, and I need to make sure I can keep it under control,” says Katie Mcphee, “I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to get my tincture oil.”

The Georgia Hemp Company rolled out the limited touch pick up on March 16. From the beginning, they saw a need to not only keep customers safe but also their employees. Keeping the shop operating means hours for employees, hours that might not be there if CBD and cannabis was not an essential business.

“We need to keep our operations moving as an essential business,” says Joe Salome, co-owner and founder of The Georgia Hemp Company. “Our employees depend on this job to pay for rent, food and patients depend on our products for wellness.”

Jumping into action, the company felt like it needed to do as much as it could to keep customers safe. They are not allowing anyone to enter the shop. Customers must place their order online, and then come and pick it up at the table outside the shop, keeping a 6-foot distance between both employee and customer. Sanitizing happens daily, along with making sure to throw away gloves after any cross-contamination.

The Georgia Hemp Company has seen a spike in CBD edibles, CBD beverages and CBD smokable hemp flower since the COVID-19 outbreak. They offer many more products such as the 200mg brownie mix, 4 different CBD gummy selections starting at 10mg, and a 500mg CBD infused chocolate bar. Smokable hemp flower continues to be the number one product sold at the shop, with oils/tinctures being close behind.

“Making sure that our customers are taking care of is so important to me. I am proud to be working in this industry during this time,” says Ashley Cardenas, store manager. “We hear stories everyday about how CBD has changed someone’s life, I don’t want to take that freedom away from them.”


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