Valens GroWorks Corp. at the Frontlines of the Future $4.1 Billion Edibles Market

edible cookies and marijuana bud
Edible cookies and marijuana bud. Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash.

THC-infused drinks will be available in Canada this December, and Valens GroWorks Corp. will not be left on the sidelines.

Valens has joined a five-year agreement with Iconic Brewing. Valens will produce high-quality extracts and creation services for Iconic, while Iconic will brand and market the goods across Canada. The companies are set to deliver a minimum of 2.5 million cannabis-infused drinks over the next five years with the possibility of generating new products in the future.

For cannabis lovers who do not enjoy smoking as much, edibles are a great alternative. Edibles are unobtrusive, simple to transport, and there’s no worry about smelling like marijuana after you consume a THC-infused food or beverage. For these reasons, the edible market is anticipated to reach $4.1 billion by 2022 in North America.

Edibles will not only boost long-term sales in the cannabis industry, but companies such as Valens will also be depended on to supply the growing demand for THC-infused and CBD-infused products.

For more on this story, read How This Company Is Preparing for the Future $4.1 Billion Edibles Market on NICI.


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