High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and Munchies

Not all cannabis-infused ideas are good, but a new cookbook by Gilad Meiri is well thought out and brilliant. In High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and Munchies, Meiri celebrates the inseparable relationship of food and this incredibly healing plant. With over 100 recipes, the book is a comprehensive guide to cooking with cannabisContinue reading “High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and Munchies”

The Pelicann Edibles Hits US Market

Cannibble Food-Tech Ltd., an Israeli-based food-tech developer of cannabis-based edibles, hits the US market with its Pelicann edible products. The products were officially presented at the MJBizCon in Las Vegas last month and its first sales already started. The Pelicann presents powder-mixes enhanced with cannabinoids and hemp products. The products are recommended for personal useContinue reading “The Pelicann Edibles Hits US Market”

Winter Punch Antilles du Saka Cannabis Cocktail Recipe

Green Market Report released an exclusive recipe created by cannabis cocktail master Warren Bobrow called the “Winter Punch Antilles du Saka”. Perfect for this winter season! This delicious recipe includes the luxury cannabis-infused beverages, also known as a Vinfusion (cannabis-infused wine), Saka Pink by House of Saka. Based in Napa Valley, California, House of SakaContinue reading “Winter Punch Antilles du Saka Cannabis Cocktail Recipe”

Lowell Cafe Now Original Cannabis Cafe

Lowell Cafe is now officially known as Original Cannabis Cafe, the historic first-of-its-kind restaurant is evolving from being associated with a corporate entity into a true home for the entire cannabis community and industry. The cafe is paving the way as the only restaurant in America where guests can openly consume cannabis and is aContinue reading “Lowell Cafe Now Original Cannabis Cafe”

Kikoko Raises $8M In Funding Securing Lead In Cannabis Wellness For Women

Kikoko has closed an $8 million round of Series A funding led by Bengal Capital. Series A funding is the first round of financing that a startup business receives from a venture capital firm. FlowKana, Kikoko’s distributor and supply chain partner, also participated in the round, which brings Kikoko’s total funding to $14 million toContinue reading “Kikoko Raises $8M In Funding Securing Lead In Cannabis Wellness For Women”

Stoner’s Pizza Joint Capitalizes On The Cannabis Wave

Founded in 2013, Stoner’s Pizza Joint is a millennial-focused, quick-service pizza franchise. Recently purchased, Stoner’s Pizza Joint launched its franchising program in late 2018 along with fresh new branding that is in line with the convergence of cannabis culture sweeping the food industry. Since the launch, Stoner’s has continued to identify the Southeast region asContinue reading “Stoner’s Pizza Joint Capitalizes On The Cannabis Wave”

Brewbudz – Cannabis-infused Coffee For Your Keurig

Brewbudz is the world’s first product line of cannabis-infused coffee, tea, and cocoa delivered through a 100% compostable flower-based single-brew pod. It works with all Keurig® and Keurig 2.0® brewers. As a flower-based edible, the products will not introduce oils that can build up within a brewer and obstruct the brewing process. And don’t worry,Continue reading “Brewbudz – Cannabis-infused Coffee For Your Keurig”

How To Prepare Your Cannabis For Edible Recipes

You can cook or bake just about anything with marijuana – brownies, pasta, omelets, french toasts, soups, salads, sandwiches – whatever the dish, it’s possible. The essential to cooking or baking with weed is mastering how to create it with canna oil or cannabutter. However, before you do anything, you must decarboxylate the cannabis first.Continue reading “How To Prepare Your Cannabis For Edible Recipes”

NuWu Tasting Lounge – Las Vegas’ First Cannabis Consumption Room

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace opened the first cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada on October 5 – a historical opening. Giving the go-ahead for public consumption lounges in the City of Las Vegas has been delayed, but there are exceptions. Nuwu is settled on sovereign land held by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. Due to this, itContinue reading “NuWu Tasting Lounge – Las Vegas’ First Cannabis Consumption Room”

Valens GroWorks Corp. at the Frontlines of the Future $4.1 Billion Edibles Market

THC-infused drinks will be available in Canada this December, and Valens GroWorks Corp. will not be left on the sidelines. Valens has joined a five-year agreement with Iconic Brewing. Valens will produce high-quality extracts and creation services for Iconic, while Iconic will brand and market the goods across Canada. The companies are set to deliverContinue reading “Valens GroWorks Corp. at the Frontlines of the Future $4.1 Billion Edibles Market”