High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and Munchies

High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and Munchies cookbook
High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and Munchies cookbook. Image provided by Gilad Meiri.

Not all cannabis-infused ideas are good, but a new cookbook by Gilad Meiri is well thought out and brilliant. In High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and Munchies, Meiri celebrates the inseparable relationship of food and this incredibly healing plant. With over 100 recipes, the book is a comprehensive guide to cooking with cannabis and creating dishes to complement and enhance the high experience.

With recent (regional) legalization and the greater acceptance of cannabis, High Cookery is particularly relevant today. Bringing weed out of the half-hidden shadows and into our kitchens, this book is designed to enhance the pleasures of responsible consumption.

The book is broken into two sections: Canna Cooking and Cooking for the Munchies. In the first section, Meiri addresses the complex chemical nature of cannabis, followed by infusion recipes that cover everything from butter to honey to vodka. Using these infusions as a base, he then provides creative recipes both sweet and savory. There is a little bit of everything, including ‘High Fudge Sundaes,’ ‘Healthy Cannackers’ and ‘Weed Chai Masala.’

Crispy Goat Cheese with Beet Jam and a Surprise
Crispy Goat Cheese with Beet Jam and a Surprise

“Face it: You’re going to eat” Meiri explains in kicking off the second section of his book, Cooking for the Munchies, so you might as well prepare good food and plan ahead. Here, he provides gourmet recipes to enhance the dining experience beyond stereotypical junk food snacks. From “Unorthodox Combinations” that may seem unconventional but are brilliant when high, to simple recipes that aren’t too complicated to make, even when a bit “lit”, Meiri delivers an inspirational collection of delicious dishes.

In this cookbook, Meiri is humorous, observant and detailed, taking the reader on a delightful culinary exploration of cannabis and cooking. As visually stimulating as it is mouthwatering, the cookbook is sure to be a fixture for entertaining.

Author Gilad Meiri fell in love with cooking as a teenager and has been experimenting in the kitchen daily and passionately ever since. High Cookery is his third cookbook. In addition to his relentless pursuit of gourmet canna cooking recipes, he also founded two tech startups and spends his time backpacking the world with his family. Visit www.highcookery.com for more information.


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