Winter Punch Antilles du Saka Cannabis Cocktail Recipe

Winter Punch Antilles du Saka Cannabis Cocktail.
Winter Punch Antilles du Saka Cannabis Cocktail. Image provided by House of Saka.

Green Market Report released an exclusive recipe created by cannabis cocktail master Warren Bobrow called the “Winter Punch Antilles du Saka”. Perfect for this winter season! This delicious recipe includes the luxury cannabis-infused beverages, also known as a Vinfusion (cannabis-infused wine), Saka Pink by House of Saka.

Based in Napa Valley, California, House of Saka creates and manufactures infused luxury products by and for women. Their portfolio includes the Napa Valley-inspired, alcohol-free infused beverages: Saka Pink, Saka White, and Saka Red as well as a line of infused beauty and wellness products under the banner House of Saka Beauty. The company boasts an all-female leadership team guided by an all-female advisory board with over 100 years of collective experience in wine, cannabis and luxury branding.

1 – 750ml bottle of Saka – THC Infused-dealcoholized Napa Valley wine
1 – 6 oz. Fruitations Pure Natural Tangerine Simple Syrup
4 – 12oz. Cans of Ginger Beer (I used Pickett’s. It’s Authentic and in a can!)
10 shakes of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters
Grilled orange slices

Add all the liquid ingredient (except for the ginger beer) into a punch bowl
Mix carefully and completely
Add a block of ice
Add the Ginger Beer fizzy soda
Add the lime bitters
Add the grilled orange slices
Stir again and serve to a very thirsty crowd


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