GemmaCert Breakthrough Distinguish Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

GemmaCert has unveiled the first presumptive field test in the United States to effectively detect the percentage of THC present in cannabis, as low as 0.2%, to accurately distinguish within minutes between hemp and cannabis. This first-in-industry innovation is achieved by GemmaCert’s patented technology combining near-infrared spectroscopy, image analysis, and advanced data analytics. Farmers andContinue reading “GemmaCert Breakthrough Distinguish Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis”

Lowell Cafe Now Original Cannabis Cafe

Lowell Cafe is now officially known as Original Cannabis Cafe, the historic first-of-its-kind restaurant is evolving from being associated with a corporate entity into a true home for the entire cannabis community and industry. The cafe is paving the way as the only restaurant in America where guests can openly consume cannabis and is aContinue reading “Lowell Cafe Now Original Cannabis Cafe”

California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?

California is one of the booming cannabis markets in the whole country. According to research company BDS Analytics, the state is expected to hit $3.1 billion in sales this year; that number is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2024. California presents a tremendous growth opportunity for the industry. And so when investors learned thatContinue reading “California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?”

Cannabiscope – A New Cannabis Tech Method To Shop For Cannabis And CBD

The next generation of cannabis retail technology has arrived to solve one of the biggest pain points facing mainstream cannabis consumers: Deciding which strain, product or brand to purchase. Introducing Cannabiscope, a new Software as a Service (Saas) platform combining science, data, and technology to reinvent how retailers merchandise cannabis, and how both medical andContinue reading “Cannabiscope – A New Cannabis Tech Method To Shop For Cannabis And CBD”

Thailand Built The Largest Medical Marijuana Facility In Southeast Asia

Thailand has built the biggest industrial-scale medical marijuana facility in Southeast Asia. The medical marijuana facility in Chiang Mai has 12,000 plants under agriculture. Differences over the judgment of cannabis appear to be gaining momentum. On September 2, government officials visited a ceremony at Northern Thailand’s Maejo University in Chiang Mai where researchers planted 12,000Continue reading “Thailand Built The Largest Medical Marijuana Facility In Southeast Asia”

Cannabis Industry Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Remove Marijuana From The Controlled Substances Act

In response to increasing reports of illnesses largely tied to illicit market vape cartridge products, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) delivered a letter to both chambers of Congress urging sensible and timely federal action. The letter, which was signed by nearly 800 business leaders, advocates, and policy experts, asks lawmakers to immediately work toContinue reading “Cannabis Industry Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Remove Marijuana From The Controlled Substances Act”

Encouraging Introductory Medical Marijuana Research in Reducing Opioid Use

Further meticulous controlled study must be done to conclude if there are pain relief advantages to medical marijuana that can help chronic pain and surpass possible risks. However, a methodical study of published researches to be presented at the Anesthesiology 2019 annual meeting notes initial promise to reduce opioid use and potential abuse with medicalContinue reading “Encouraging Introductory Medical Marijuana Research in Reducing Opioid Use”

NuWu Tasting Lounge – Las Vegas’ First Cannabis Consumption Room

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace opened the first cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada on October 5 – a historical opening. Giving the go-ahead for public consumption lounges in the City of Las Vegas has been delayed, but there are exceptions. Nuwu is settled on sovereign land held by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. Due to this, itContinue reading “NuWu Tasting Lounge – Las Vegas’ First Cannabis Consumption Room”

CBD Facts and History

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 100 composites called cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD contributes to many health advantages, but it does not get you high – unlike its infamous relative tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because of this, people are looking to CBD products to relieve physical ache like muscle pain and inflammation alsoContinue reading “CBD Facts and History”

The Cannabis Consumption of Companies

Today’s marijuana culture is not the same as the essence you smoked in college. At present-day, consumer merchandise is taking part in reefer madness. According to writer Brian Kateman, cannabis is being applied from food and beverage to fitness and wellness and beyond. Cooking classes centered around dishes made with marijuana are being offered inContinue reading “The Cannabis Consumption of Companies”