STRAIN and Helix BioTrack Are Bringing Dispensaries Closer to Their Customers

STRAIN, an all-in-one mobile app and platform for cannabis sales, marketing, and customer service, is proud to announce a partnership with Helix Technologies’ subsidiary, BioTrack, enabling dispensaries that use this software to integrate with STRAIN’s features while enhancing connection and customer engagement. In the first partnership of its kind, the STRAIN and Helix BioTrack integrationContinue reading “STRAIN and Helix BioTrack Are Bringing Dispensaries Closer to Their Customers”

Alt Thirty Six Waive Transaction Fees For Cannabis Deliveries During Coronavirus Outbreak

Ken Ramirez, CEO of Alt Thirty Six, a Tempe, Arizona based digital payment and compliance platform designed to help the cannabis industry go cashless has released a formal statement to the cannabis industry regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). “In the wake of the growing public health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s now more importantContinue reading “Alt Thirty Six Waive Transaction Fees For Cannabis Deliveries During Coronavirus Outbreak”

GemmaCert Breakthrough Distinguish Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

GemmaCert has unveiled the first presumptive field test in the United States to effectively detect the percentage of THC present in cannabis, as low as 0.2%, to accurately distinguish within minutes between hemp and cannabis. This first-in-industry innovation is achieved by GemmaCert’s patented technology combining near-infrared spectroscopy, image analysis, and advanced data analytics. Farmers andContinue reading “GemmaCert Breakthrough Distinguish Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis”

Lifted Custom Website & App Services for Cannabis Marketing

Lifted, a cannabis technology platform, launches a new platform to help shops and brands launch custom apps and websites. Their goal is to help businesses sell directly to customers and reduce dependence on marketplaces like Weedmaps. “Monopoly marketplaces create unhealthy competition and make it difficult to retain customers. It’s more important than ever for shops,Continue reading “Lifted Custom Website & App Services for Cannabis Marketing”

Microsoft Approves First Cannabis ERP Solution

Microsoft recently approved Silver Leaf Cannabis Business Central (CBC) on its app marketplace, AppSource, making it the first-ever cannabis ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution made publicly available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Phoenix-based business management solutions provider, Silverware Inc., established its cannabis vertical, Silver Leaf CBC, in the fall of 2018 to addressContinue reading “Microsoft Approves First Cannabis ERP Solution”

Tech Company Developing THC Breathalyzer To Tackle Cannabis Impaired Driving

With alcohol, it’s a no brainer. Test for the amount circulating through the driver’s bloodstream with a proven breathalyzer, compare the results to the legal limits, and the case is made. Human bodies generally process alcohol at a defined pace, so when the test comes up positive there is no doubt the driver is underContinue reading “Tech Company Developing THC Breathalyzer To Tackle Cannabis Impaired Driving”

TOQi Wireless Charging Cannabis 510 Vape Battery

TOQi, creators of cannabis technology products, has launched the industry’s first wireless charging 510 thread vaporizer battery. The TOQi 510 comes with an industry-leading 400mAh battery, twice the size of most currently available vaporizers, and is equipped with Qi charging technology, enabling it to charge wirelessly on TOQi’s Wireless Charging Pad or other Qi-equipped productsContinue reading “TOQi Wireless Charging Cannabis 510 Vape Battery”

Veriheal Personalized Cannabis Care Now Available

For those who are keen on getting their medical cannabis cards, the process can be somewhat intimidating, especially if they are unaware of the nuances. While each state program might slightly differ, the steps to getting a medical cannabis card are fairly straightforward across the board. In states with an active medical cannabis program, itContinue reading “Veriheal Personalized Cannabis Care Now Available”

Cannabiscope – A New Cannabis Tech Method To Shop For Cannabis And CBD

The next generation of cannabis retail technology has arrived to solve one of the biggest pain points facing mainstream cannabis consumers: Deciding which strain, product or brand to purchase. Introducing Cannabiscope, a new Software as a Service (Saas) platform combining science, data, and technology to reinvent how retailers merchandise cannabis, and how both medical andContinue reading “Cannabiscope – A New Cannabis Tech Method To Shop For Cannabis And CBD”

Flowhub Accumulates $23M For Cannabis Dispensary Management Software

Flowhub, a cannabis retail management platform company, is seeing to face the need for tools to manage the particulars of the weed retail business. As cannabis dispensaries grow throughout the nation, the demand for such software surges. According to CFO Kyle Sherman, Flowhub’s platform of dispensary services not only acknowledge compliance matters, but it alsoContinue reading “Flowhub Accumulates $23M For Cannabis Dispensary Management Software”