Alt Thirty Six Waive Transaction Fees For Cannabis Deliveries During Coronavirus Outbreak

(Left) Alt Thirty Six logo. (Right) Marijuana bud.
(Left) Alt Thirty Six logo. Image provided by Alt Thirty Six. (Right) Marijuana bud. Photo by Christina Winter on Unsplash.

Ken Ramirez, CEO of Alt Thirty Six, a Tempe, Arizona based digital payment and compliance platform designed to help the cannabis industry go cashless has released a formal statement to the cannabis industry regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). “In the wake of the growing public health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s now more important than ever to take precautionary steps to limit the spread of contagion and reduce the risks of exposure to ourselves and our communities,” said Ramirez.

Alt Thirty Six announced that effective immediately, the company is temporarily waiving all transaction fees for delivery purchases for new and existing qualifying merchants until April 20, 2020. To better support merchants and customers during this period, Alt Thirty Six has increased internal resources to expedite the underwriting and approval process for merchants to begin accepting digital payments within 24 hours and handle all customer inquiries.

“We understand the financial impact on cannabis operators – like many other industries – will suffer losses in both customer and vendor demand. Alt Thirty Six is committed now more than ever to providing a cashless solution to cannabis merchants and consumers alike while doing our part to help mitigate some of the loss,” said Ramirez.

Pineapple Express, a delivery-focused cannabis dispensary based in Los Angeles, California began accepting Alt Thirty Six payments in November 2019. Since implementing they have increased sales, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction. “Alt Thirty Six has been the most convenient payment processor at very reasonable rates. With zero fees on deliveries during this unprecedented time, Pineapple Express will be able to pass the savings on to our customers and help more patients in need,” said Josh Eisenberg, COO of Pineapple, Inc.

Alt Thirty Six is the leading digital commerce infrastructure for legal cannabis businesses and customers by enabling simple and secure digital purchases. Alt Thirty Six provides proprietary technology, partnership platform, and banking relationships to the legal cannabis industry, helping merchants manage digital payments in-store, online and via delivery services to grow and run their business efficiently and stay compliant. Consumers pay for their products with one click digitally, take advantage of loyalty programs and custom promotions.


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