UK Cannabinoid Patients Will Have Access To Medical Cannabis Inhalers

Senzer’s pharmaceutical respiratory device will be used in Europe’s first and biggest national medical cannabis registry, Project TWENTY21, in which an expected 20,000 patients will be enrolled by the end of 2021 creating the largest body of evidence for the efficacy of medical cannabis. Drug Science, the leading independent scientific body on drugs in theContinue reading “UK Cannabinoid Patients Will Have Access To Medical Cannabis Inhalers”

Creso Pharma Pharmaceutical Cannabis Expansion Set For 2020

The legal cannabis market is forecast to reach US$148 billion by 2026, with Barclays European Consumer Staples Report predicting the global cannabis market will reach US$272 billion by 2028. Surprisingly, despite still stringent legislation, the Australian legal cannabis market is also experiencing heightened activity. Australia’s Office of Drug Control has so far issued 69 licensesContinue reading “Creso Pharma Pharmaceutical Cannabis Expansion Set For 2020”

Veriheal Personalized Cannabis Care Now Available

For those who are keen on getting their medical cannabis cards, the process can be somewhat intimidating, especially if they are unaware of the nuances. While each state program might slightly differ, the steps to getting a medical cannabis card are fairly straightforward across the board. In states with an active medical cannabis program, itContinue reading “Veriheal Personalized Cannabis Care Now Available”

California To Allow Medical Cannabis At K-12 School Campuses

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom – a leading advocate of Proposition 64 – the recreational pot legalization initiative, signed a bill that allows parents in some California districts to bring medical cannabis to their child at K-12 school campuses. The bill was initiated by Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo). Hill said his bill was crucialContinue reading “California To Allow Medical Cannabis At K-12 School Campuses”