Creso Pharma Hires Former Canopy Growth Executives

Creso Pharma has appointed two former Canopy Growth executives to the senior management team of its wholly-owned Mernova Medical Inc. in Nova Scotia, Canada. The pair are former employees of Canopy Growth Corp, the world’s largest cannabis company by market capitalization, currently capped at C$6.8 billion, having once hit the heights of C$24 billion. Mr.Continue reading “Creso Pharma Hires Former Canopy Growth Executives”

Creso Pharma Pursues CBD For Pets

Cannabis stocks had a challenging year in 2019, but signs are emerging that a change of fortunes is in store for the sector and several listed cannabis companies already look to be turning the corner. Over the longer term, there’s little doubt that the sector is primed for massive growth as legalization continues to expandContinue reading “Creso Pharma Pursues CBD For Pets”

Creso Pharma Pharmaceutical Cannabis Expansion Set For 2020

The legal cannabis market is forecast to reach US$148 billion by 2026, with Barclays European Consumer Staples Report predicting the global cannabis market will reach US$272 billion by 2028. Surprisingly, despite still stringent legislation, the Australian legal cannabis market is also experiencing heightened activity. Australia’s Office of Drug Control has so far issued 69 licensesContinue reading “Creso Pharma Pharmaceutical Cannabis Expansion Set For 2020”