HEMPVET Expands CBD Pet Product Brand to Feline and Equine Markets

HEMPVET launched nine new pet wellness products, including its first for cats and horses. Each of its new products is designed to address a specific issue, including anxiety, digestive disorders, hip and joint pain, inflammation, and immune deficiencies through the use of organic hemp as its halo ingredient. As more and more pet owners turnContinue reading “HEMPVET Expands CBD Pet Product Brand to Feline and Equine Markets”

Creso Pharma Pursues CBD For Pets

Cannabis stocks had a challenging year in 2019, but signs are emerging that a change of fortunes is in store for the sector and several listed cannabis companies already look to be turning the corner. Over the longer term, there’s little doubt that the sector is primed for massive growth as legalization continues to expandContinue reading “Creso Pharma Pursues CBD For Pets”