HEMPVET Expands CBD Pet Product Brand to Feline and Equine Markets

(Top) Kittens in a basket. (Bottom) Horses in a meadow.
(Top) Kittens in a basket. Photo by Jari Hytönen on Unsplash. (Bottom) Horses in a meadow. Photo by Fabian Burghardt on Unsplash.

HEMPVET launched nine new pet wellness products, including its first for cats and horses. Each of its new products is designed to address a specific issue, including anxiety, digestive disorders, hip and joint pain, inflammation, and immune deficiencies through the use of organic hemp as its halo ingredient.

As more and more pet owners turn to hemp-based alternative treatments, HEMPVET has become a leader in an emerging, rapidly-growing segment of the pet industry. Acquired by leading multi-state cannabis operator Revolution Global in 2019, the company has taken off by filling gaps in the pet supplement and wellness market. In the past six months alone, HEMPVET has effectively doubled its assortment of offerings.

“Hemp-derived pet products were unheard of only a few short years ago. Now swaths of CBD treatments are available at pet specialty retailers across the country,” said HEMPVET CEO Will Billings. “We believe that the industry has not even scratched the surface of the potential of hemp to improve animals’ lives. With this next phase of our growth, we are excited to treat a wider range of health concerns while providing pets with safe, natural alternatives to traditional medicines.”

For cats, HEMPVET now offers soft chews for anxiety reduction, hip and joint pain relief, and immunity support. In the equine category, HEMPVET now provides powder-based remedies to reduce anxiety, hip and joint inflammation, and digestive disorders. The expansion also includes a hemp-infused flea and tick spray and topical gel remedies which are all-natural and beneficial for both dogs and cats.

The company is also currently developing a hemp shive-based bedding for pets of all sizes. The spongy, absorbent material will solve several problems associated with standard pet bedding, including limiting dust exposure, naturally controlling odor, eliminating toxic chemical exposure, and extending product life.

HEMPVET was founded on the idea that hemp-based treatments coupled with multiple active ingredients can help animals live longer, healthier lives. Their products are certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and created by a board-certified animal nutritionist, Dr. Gary Pusillo, who has managed the nutrition programs for 17 Kentucky Derby winners. All formulations are rooted in science and designed to be natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines. The active ingredients are lab-tested to ensure quality, traceability, and safety and all formulas contain multiple active ingredients to create a synergistic effect.

HEMPVET is a leading hemp-derived cannabinoid pet product company in the rapidly-growing pet supplement and nutrition industry. HEMPVET’s products are expertly formulated by renowned, board-certified animal nutritionist Dr. Gary Pusillo. All active ingredients are lab tested to ensure quality, traceability, and safety. The brand’s sophisticated product offerings treat a range of health challenges, including anxiety, digestive disorders, inflammation, and the effects of aging.


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