HempStaff Gets Accredited In Massachusetts As Cannabis Industry Responsible Vendor Trainer

HempStaff logo
Image provided by HempStaff.

HempStaff, a leading training and recruiting agency for the cannabis and hemp industry, has been leading and preparing candidates to enter the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana program since 2015. The company is continuing support for the Massachusetts Cannabis Commission with additional coaching to assist applicants for both the medical and adult-use programs.

HempStaff will be presenting its Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training starting Saturday, May 30, 2020. To date, the company has hosted over 15 various training classes in Massachusetts, proudly certifying almost 1,000 of their 8,500 trained nationwide candidates.

In 2019, HempStaff was also state-approved for the Illinois Responsible Vendor Training as well. “Massachusetts and Illinois are currently the only two states that require a responsible vendor training of this type. We hope other states follow their model and create requirements like this in the future, as it helps employees stay current on laws and regulations and creates a safer and better work environment for everyone,” said James Yagielo, CEO of HempStaff.

All owners, managers, and employees that are involved in the handling and sale of marijuana will be required to attend Responsible Vendor Training through a certified provider within 90 days of hire. The certification is good for one year and must be renewed annually. The fee for this 3-hour class is $129.00. Previous HempStaff students may take this class to fill the requirement for free their first year, and all students get a $99.00 annual return rate.

Training includes the responsible use of cannabis, laws, and regulations on driving while under the influence, sale to minor prohibitions, safe storage of cannabis, waste handling, security and surveillance requirements, packaging and labeling requirements, safe delivery practices and all the other required topics.

All agents, including all Principal Officers, must meet the 8-hour training requirement found in section 935 CMR 500.105, established by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. In addition to Responsible Vendor Training, HempStaff offers additional training hours for entry-level dispensary agents, position-specific training for employed dispensary agents and managers and a deep dive into the human body and how the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes provide for a myriad of symptom relief.

You can find the complete training schedule, including webinars, at https://dispensarytraining.com.


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