Nebraskans For Medical Marijuana Partners With ADOPT

Chimney Rock, Nebraska.
Chimney Rock, Nebraska. Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash.

ADOPT (Adopt a Decrease in Oppressive Property Taxes), a newly-formed statewide coalition, partners with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana in an effort to grow the state’s economy and reduce high property tax. Together they will work to support the November ballot measure to allow medical cannabis in Nebraska. If the ballot initiative passes, medical cannabis sales could generate millions of dollars for the state. Currently, Nebraska is 1 of 17 states where cannabis is completely illegal.

“Our campaign is excited to partner with ADOPT, which reflects a broad coalition of Nebraskans that support access to medical cannabis and recognizes the health and economic benefits of passing this initiative,” said state Senator Anna Wishart from Lincoln who co-chairs Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana.

ADOPT is chaired by Tommy Garrett, a former Republican Nebraska state senator from Bellevue and decorated U.S. Air Force veteran. Garrett is currently is president and CEO of The Garrett Group, Inc., a consulting firm. In 2015, he introduced the first bill (LB643) to allow medical cannabis in Nebraska.

“We support the ballot initiative because it will improve health outcomes for citizens across the state, while also raising millions of dollars in revenue and economic growth,” Garrett said. “This new economic growth and revenue to our communities could be used to fund roads and bridges, support education and reduce taxes. Once the ballot measure passes, we will work with the Nebraska Legislature to ensure the positive economic impact from medical cannabis will help reduce excessive property taxes.”

ADOPT will work with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana to immediately deploy a statewide network of supporters to collect signatures to meet the November 2020 ballot requirements. They will also work to launch a full-scale voter education and mobilization campaign.

“We are so thankful to the hundreds of Nebraska volunteers and advocates across our state who have tirelessly committed their time and energy to collect signatures for this campaign,” Senator Wishart said. “Without their support, we would not be able to expand our efforts to an additional paid drive and ensure this measure crosses the finish line.”

ADOPT also announced that it has retained 1st Tuesday Campaigns, one of the premier ballot initiative and state referendum firms in the country. The firm has helped civic-minded citizens and organizations pass ballot measures across the country, including work in California, Washington, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, and other Midwestern states.

“1st Tuesday Campaigns is opening offices in our state and employing Nebraskans to assist in securing the voter signatures necessary to get the Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana ballot initiative language on the Nov. 2020 ballot,” Garrett said. “When Nebraskans vote this fall on Election Day, they will have an opportunity to meaningfully impact the physical and economic well-being of their families, neighbors, and communities across the state. I’m confident the partnership between ADOPT, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana, and 1st Tuesday Campaigns is the right team to help us with this important mission.”


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