Nebraskans For Medical Marijuana Partners With ADOPT

ADOPT (Adopt a Decrease in Oppressive Property Taxes), a newly-formed statewide coalition, partners with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana in an effort to grow the state’s economy and reduce high property tax. Together they will work to support the November ballot measure to allow medical cannabis in Nebraska. If the ballot initiative passes, medical cannabis salesContinue reading “Nebraskans For Medical Marijuana Partners With ADOPT”


New Hampshire Lawmakers Advance Cannabis Legalization Bill

The House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee approved a bill Tuesday (13-7) that would legalize possession and limited cultivation of cannabis for adults 21 and older in New Hampshire. A full House vote on HB 1648 is expected to take place on Thursday, February 6, 2020. Currently, medical marijuana sales are allowed in NewContinue reading “New Hampshire Lawmakers Advance Cannabis Legalization Bill”

New Jersey Voters To Decide On Cannabis Legalization In 2020

New Jersey lawmakers approved a resolution that will allow voters to decide whether to legalize cannabis for adults’ use in November 2020. In early November 2019, Senate President Steve Sweeney proposed a voter referral after finding there was not enough support in the Senate for the legislature to directly legalize cannabis. The voter referral resolutionContinue reading “New Jersey Voters To Decide On Cannabis Legalization In 2020”

91% of U.S. Adults Say Marijuana Should Be Legal Either For Medical And Recreational Use

The latest Pew Research Center survey released November 14th says the share of U.S. adults who oppose legalization has fallen from 52% in 2010 to 32% today. A strong majority of U.S. adults (91%) say marijuana should be legal either for medical and recreational use (59%) or that it should be legal just for medicalContinue reading “91% of U.S. Adults Say Marijuana Should Be Legal Either For Medical And Recreational Use”

South Dakota Wants Marijuana Legalized

South Dakota is 1 of 17 states where cannabis is still completely illegal. Hopefully, that will turn soon. Marijuana reform groups submitted petitions containing over 80,000 signatures to the South Dakota Secretary of State to qualify two separate marijuana reform ballot initiatives for next year’s election. One initiative would establish a medical marijuana program forContinue reading “South Dakota Wants Marijuana Legalized”