Lowell Cafe Now Original Cannabis Cafe

Lowell Cafe is now officially known as Original Cannabis Cafe, the historic first-of-its-kind restaurant is evolving from being associated with a corporate entity into a true home for the entire cannabis community and industry. The cafe is paving the way as the only restaurant in America where guests can openly consume cannabis and is aContinue reading “Lowell Cafe Now Original Cannabis Cafe”

Lil Wayne Presents GKUA Ultra Premium High-Potency Cannabis

Lil Wayne’s new venture GKUA Ultra Premium has an emphasis on purity and offers a line of high-potency cannabis products designed to provide consumers with the best high of their lives. This unique new brand celebrates the best cannabis in the world, with some of the highest natural levels of THC available. GKUA Ultra PremiumContinue reading “Lil Wayne Presents GKUA Ultra Premium High-Potency Cannabis”

Khiron Given Green Light to Commercialize High-THC Cannabis for Domestic and Export Sales

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. becomes the first company in Colombia authorized to commercialize psychoactive, high-THC cannabis for both domestic and export purposes. Representing a key milestone towards Khiron’s stated timeline to bring medical cannabis options to market, the authorization comes as a result of commercial quotas allocated to Khiron by the Colombian Technical Quotas GroupContinue reading “Khiron Given Green Light to Commercialize High-THC Cannabis for Domestic and Export Sales”

California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?

California is one of the booming cannabis markets in the whole country. According to research company BDS Analytics, the state is expected to hit $3.1 billion in sales this year; that number is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2024. California presents a tremendous growth opportunity for the industry. And so when investors learned thatContinue reading “California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?”

South Dakota Wants Marijuana Legalized

South Dakota is 1 of 17 states where cannabis is still completely illegal. Hopefully, that will turn soon. Marijuana reform groups submitted petitions containing over 80,000 signatures to the South Dakota Secretary of State to qualify two separate marijuana reform ballot initiatives for next year’s election. One initiative would establish a medical marijuana program forContinue reading “South Dakota Wants Marijuana Legalized”

Cannabis Industry Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Remove Marijuana From The Controlled Substances Act

In response to increasing reports of illnesses largely tied to illicit market vape cartridge products, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) delivered a letter to both chambers of Congress urging sensible and timely federal action. The letter, which was signed by nearly 800 business leaders, advocates, and policy experts, asks lawmakers to immediately work toContinue reading “Cannabis Industry Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Remove Marijuana From The Controlled Substances Act”

Chelsea Handler Launches New Cannabis Line

After the 2016 election, many Americans felt a bit anxious and Chelsea Handler was no exception. It was the post-2016 election that Handler renewed her interest in cannabis, especially edibles. Marijuana aided Handler to relax and increase her creativity. “I really just needed to take it down a notch, to be still, to not watchContinue reading “Chelsea Handler Launches New Cannabis Line”

Debunking Popular CBD Myths

As the CBD boom continues, more medical researches are being done to understand the health benefits it offers. However, there are still plenty of rumors floating about in public, so let’s address those, shall we? 1.CBD Will Get You High: CBD will not get you high and it is not addictive. Cannabidiol (CBD) is justContinue reading “Debunking Popular CBD Myths”

What Cannabis Businesses Can Learn From the Alcohol Prohibition

In January 1920 alcohol was banned from being manufactured, transported or sold. This act drove up organized crimes, speakeasies (illegal drinking saloons), and homemade liquor and moonshines. President Herbert Hoover called the prohibition “a great social and economic experiment” – an experiment that was dubbed a failure because it only lasted for 13 years andContinue reading “What Cannabis Businesses Can Learn From the Alcohol Prohibition”

CBD Boom Changing Minds About Marijuana

A survey led by OnePoll for HempFusion shows 8 out of 10 Americans have made a complete 180 in their opinions regarding cannabis and marijuana consumption. Based on the answers of participants who had changed their mind in some form, 46 percent strongly agreed and 36 percent somewhat agreed that it was because of theContinue reading “CBD Boom Changing Minds About Marijuana”