CBD Boom Changing Minds About Marijuana

Premium CBD hemp extract.
Premium CBD hemp extract. Photo by Enecta Srl on Unsplash.

A survey led by OnePoll for HempFusion shows 8 out of 10 Americans have made a complete 180 in their opinions regarding cannabis and marijuana consumption.

Based on the answers of participants who had changed their mind in some form, 46 percent strongly agreed and 36 percent somewhat agreed that it was because of the growth in CBD goods.

When questioned if they believed they had shifted more open to CBD use after getting over doubt from early drug awareness and anti-cannabis messaging when younger, 47 percent of the participants who changed their minds were in strong agreement. Legislative reforms have also had a huge influence. 36 percent of participants said they have tried a CBD product within the past year alone.

The complete 180 trends appeared in a more comprehensive study measuring Americans’ openness to trying new things across the food, wellness and health sectors.

Top five things Americans are willing to try:
1 Food: 68 percent
2. Drinks: 67 percent
3. Health and wellness products: 65 percent
4. Natural pain remedies: 54 percent
5. Visiting or traveling to new places: 53 percent

Top five influencers to try new products:
1. A friend’s introduction to the product: 54 percent
2. Advertisement on social media: 54 percent
3. Advertisement on TV: 51 percent
4. A family member’s introduction to the product: 51 percent
5. A trusted store begins to carry a product: 48 percent

For more on this story, read CBD Products Are Changing People’s Minds About Marijuana by SWNS on New York Post.


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