Flowhub Accumulates $23M For Cannabis Dispensary Management Software

Colorado Harvest cannabis dispensary.
Colorado Harvest cannabis dispensary. Photo by Alex Person on Unsplash.

Flowhub, a cannabis retail management platform company, is seeing to face the need for tools to manage the particulars of the weed retail business. As cannabis dispensaries grow throughout the nation, the demand for such software surges.

According to CFO Kyle Sherman, Flowhub’s platform of dispensary services not only acknowledge compliance matters, but it also combines with companies for online ordering to expedite in-store purchases and adds integrations with LeafBuyer and Leafly to provide more data to potential retailers.

The company also updated its software and added the “Stash” app, a mobile inventory management system, and a cashier app that accommodates tablets like iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab to improve point-of-sale capacities.

As more states make cannabis legal ending prohibition, Sherman said, “Every legal transaction completed with the Flowhub retail platform is a positive step forward, and we are committed to helping our customers build thriving cannabis businesses. With this investment, we will continue to automate the cannabis supply chain, retail and reporting processes and bring to market technology solutions that are not only shaping the cannabis retail business, but also driving forward the future of legalization and de-stigmatization.”

For more on this story, read Flowhub Raises $23 Million For Its Retail Management Software For Cannabis Dispensaries by Jonathan Shieber on TechCrunch.


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