Thailand to Host First World Ganga Festival – But It’s Not What You Think

Green kush farm.
Green kush farm. Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash.

Thailand will be hosting the first World Ganja Festival in 2020. But hold on before you book your flight and hotel – it’s not a party kind of festival.

The festival will advocate Thailand as the developer of top strains. It will deliver as a program for people to share their knowledge of marijuana for medical purposes. Um, so, it sounds more like a conference.

According to honorary adviser to the festival, General Charan Kullawanit, they are deciding who to invite from China, Japan, and the United States as guests to give presentations and ideas.

With more people globally accepting marijuana as a practical form of medical use, Thailand is aiming to cash in on this to spur its economic growth. It is serious about getting into the cannabis business. In 2018, Thailand legalized marijuana plants for medical use becoming the first country in Southeast Asia to do so.

For more on this story, read Thailand Will Be Hosting the World’s First Ganja Festival. But It’s Not A Party. by Sukhbir Cheema on Mashable SE Asia.


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