CTPharma Transparent About Their Marijuana Vape Process

Man blowing vape cloud.
Man blowing vape cloud. Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash.

CT Pharmaceutical Solutions, a Connecticut medical marijuana company demonstrated its method of producing marijuana into vape cartridges.

Kim Provera, a CTPharma rep showed Susan Raff – a local Connecticut TV reporter, the process of how marijuana goes from bud to vape.

Provera explained, “Once we have a concentrated form, its pure form, we put it into cartridges. We use a filling machine to make sure each one is filled to the same level.”

And since Connecticut law requires third party testing for all medical marijuana, samples are shipped to Altasci Labs in New Britain for testing.

Joe Zavaleta at Altasci Labs said medical marijuana is held to strict standards. “If people go to the black market, they are really rolling the dice because they don’t know where it was produced and definitely no quality control standards.” Watch the video below.

Most of the problem with the current vaping crisis has been linked to e-cigarettes, but it has affected the sale of marijuana vapes due to the fear. I think it would benefit cannabis vape producers to be transparent on how they go about making their vape product to ease the mind of their consumers.

For more on this story, read Medical Marijuana Company Explains Process of Adding Marijuana to Vape by Susan Raff and Rebecca Cashman on WFSB 3.


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