Debunking Popular CBD Myths

Hemp plant showing CBD compound.
Hemp plant showing CBD compound. Image by cytis from Pixabay.

As the CBD boom continues, more medical researches are being done to understand the health benefits it offers. However, there are still plenty of rumors floating about in public, so let’s address those, shall we?

1.CBD Will Get You High: CBD will not get you high and it is not addictive. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over one hundred compounds of a marijuana plant. Some are psychoactive – like THC and will get you high and some do not. CBD is not psychoactive therefore you will not get stoned consuming it.

2.CBD is Illegal: The majority of CBD products in the market and the ones sold online stemmed from industrial hemp. Hemp is legal to grow in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp at the federal level. This bill revised the Controlled Substances Act to clear hemp from the definition of marijuana. Hemp contains less than 0.3% or less THC content (by dry weight).

CBD acquired from marijuana plants is only permitted in states where cannabis is legal recreationally or medicinally. Retailers selling CBD from marijuana in cannabis-legal states must be licensed. Online sales for these types of CBD are not allowed by any states.

3.All CBD Products Are The Same: There are 3 types of CBD products –

  • CBD Isolate: This is the truest form of CBD, comprising 99.9% CBD. It does not include THC or other compounds.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD: Aside from CBD, this encompasses all the compounds in hemp including <0.3% of THC. Full-spectrum CBD provides a greater benefit known as “Entourage effect”.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: It contains CBD and all components of hemp, except for THC.

Be sure to purchase from trustworthy and licensed retailers no matter what type of CBD product you buy. Unfortunately, many of the products are mislabelled due to a lack of FDA regulations. If you are not buying CBD products from a licensed store, then you should look for the “Certificate of Analysis” on the company’s website. Every legitimate company will have a COA.

4.You Need THC For CBD To Work: No compound is superior or inferior to the other in over the hundred compounds in hemp. CBD alone affects more of the greatest source of pain in the body, such as inflammation; while CBD with THC provides an entourage effect that may have a grander impact on relieving psychological symptoms, such as anxiety.

5.You Can Take CBD in Any Dosage: CBD products are not FDA approved meaning there is no standard recommended dosage and that can be a likely problem.

In general, CBD products are considered quite safe. However, a recent studay shows liver intoxication was noted at 2460mg per day, while a dose of 615 mg per day started showing liver toxicity from day 3-4. These are all extremely high dosages that would never normally be consumed.

There are general guidelines you can find from reputable sources online, such as the chart below from Green Flower Botanicals. And, of course, for safety measures, it is recommended you check with your physician especially if you’re taking prescription medications regularly.

CBD oil dosage chart by Green Flower Botanicals.
CBD oil dosage chart by Green Flower Botanicals.

6.CBD and Marijuana Are The Same: No. The end.

As mentioned above. Most CBD products are made from hemp which is legal and contains less than <0.3% THC and does not get you high. CBD made from marijuana does not include the THC which is the psychoactive compound that gets you high.

For more on this story, read 6 Most Common Myths About CBD That Need To Be Debunked by Sneha on Heaven Wellness.


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