Canada’s Seniors Receives Cannabis Discount

Senior gentleman smoking a marijuana joint.
Senior gentleman smoking a marijuana joint. Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay.

Forbes contributor Abbie Rosner interviewed Moses Znaimer, President of CARP (Canadian Association for Retired Persons) – Canada’s version of AARP, to talk about medical marijuana and CARP’s support to help members learn about and obtain medical cannabis.

Recently, AARP vocalized the need for education on medical marijuana for seniors. Rosner asked Znaimer about CARP’s record on this issue to which Znaimer replied, “CARP has been well ahead of the curve regarding cannabis. As far back as a decade ago, we endorsed the idea of decriminalization first, and then legalization. And, even before that, I myself was active in the movement that led to that coming about politically. Beyond that, we have polled our members from time to time and learned that they are comfortable with cannabis, especially from a medical point of view.

Right now, we have an arrangement with the largest marijuana producer, Canopy Growth, so that, if you are a CARP member, you can receive certain strains of medical cannabis that carry the CARP recommended seal for a significant discount (20% off). For patients who may spend as much as 4 to 5 thousand dollars a year on this medicine, this can represent a savings of a thousand dollars a year or more.”

The CARP seal is a ‘seal of approval’ the organization awards to companies that offer either products that are created with CARP members particularly in mind or, for which they offer a large benefit, like a big discount.

CARP also has a program affiliated with ZoomerMedia called ONE: GET FIT that is currently boosting its attention on cannabis. Said Znaimer, “It currently specializes in yoga, meditation, healthy living and cooking, but we are turning it into more of a marijuana information channel, with various program components, short and long, with the overall positioning of “Cannabis for Beginners”.”

ZoomerMedia is a media company – magazine, television, and radio, that focuses on the senior demographic age group.

For more on this story, read Canada’s AARP Members Get Information—And Discounts—On Cannabis by Abbie Rosner on Forbes.


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