HARDCAR Continues to Distribute Cannabis During California Coronavirus Lockdown

HARDCAR announced that it is ramping up its efforts during these crucial times to keep the cannabis industry moving forward. As the industry stumbles from a shutdown notification to all non-essential services, Essential Services Sector (ESS) companies may continue to operate throughout the state of California when other companies must cease operations. This leads toContinue reading “HARDCAR Continues to Distribute Cannabis During California Coronavirus Lockdown”

Long Beach, California Lowers Cannabis Taxes

The Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA), cannabis business owners, policy advocates, patients, consumers, and city officials came together to support the city’s legal cannabis business community, lower taxes, and fight the illegal market. In December 2019, the Long Beach City Council voted to lower the city’s tax rate from 6% to 1% for cannabis manufacturers,Continue reading “Long Beach, California Lowers Cannabis Taxes”

San Francisco’s Famous Haight-Ashbury District Gets A New Dispensary

Just a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District, the cannabis liberation movement that started in the 1960s continues this month with tested, licensed, equitable cannabis retail for all adults 21 and over. The Cole Ashbury Group, in partnership with Cookies, officially opens “Berner’s on Haight” – an adult-use licensedContinue reading “San Francisco’s Famous Haight-Ashbury District Gets A New Dispensary”

Coco Farms Opens New Dispensary in Antioch, CA

Contra Costa Farms LLC (aka CoCo Farms) opened a new dispensary in Antioch, CA – one of the first recreational cannabis dispensaries to open in that city. The licensed cannabis facility is owned and operated by the same management team as its sister company Rio Vista Farms. Rio Vista Farms has become a pillar ofContinue reading “Coco Farms Opens New Dispensary in Antioch, CA”

California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?

California is one of the booming cannabis markets in the whole country. According to research company BDS Analytics, the state is expected to hit $3.1 billion in sales this year; that number is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2024. California presents a tremendous growth opportunity for the industry. And so when investors learned thatContinue reading “California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?”