HARDCAR Continues to Distribute Cannabis During California Coronavirus Lockdown

HARDCAR hi-tech armored vehicles.
HARDCAR has led the industry with over $1B in product and cash transported since its inception in 2016. Image provided by HARDCAR.

HARDCAR announced that it is ramping up its efforts during these crucial times to keep the cannabis industry moving forward.

As the industry stumbles from a shutdown notification to all non-essential services, Essential Services Sector (ESS) companies may continue to operate throughout the state of California when other companies must cease operations. This leads to a logistical challenge to continue moving products daily. HARDCAR, who has led the secured distribution industry for 4 years, has been ESS qualified since its inception.

“We saw this one 3 years ago when the first quakes were hitting in California, so we made sure all vehicles were ready for events like this. We started by installing air purifiers in our trucks and had fantastic results, and then we added satellite phones and generators. We are very prepared.”, said Todd Kleperis, co-founder of HARDCAR.

HARDCAR has led the industry with over $1B in product and cash transported since its inception in 2016. As a consistent provider of cash to the Federal Reserve and a leader in secured distribution, it’s no wonder that HARDCAR has reached out to other distributors to start an alliance.

“Right now it’s not about profit, it’s about sustainability and moving through very tumultuous times. Who better than the U.S. military veterans on our team to pave the way in a time of crisis? I’m proud of our team for never wavering and never faltering as they make this industry secure.”, said Salvatore Moccia, HARDCAR CEO.

HARDCAR is award-winning transportation and secured logistics company, based in the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions, with a proven track record of cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with cannabis and non-cannabis businesses alike. From Cash In Transit (CIT) to Distribution, Banking, and Secured Storage & Vaulting, HARDCAR provides all of the necessary services a company needs to keep their assets safe and secure.


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