Creso Pharma Hires Former Canopy Growth Executives

Creso Pharma has appointed two former Canopy Growth executives to the senior management team of its wholly-owned Mernova Medical Inc. in Nova Scotia, Canada. The pair are former employees of Canopy Growth Corp, the world’s largest cannabis company by market capitalization, currently capped at C$6.8 billion, having once hit the heights of C$24 billion. Mr.Continue reading “Creso Pharma Hires Former Canopy Growth Executives”

U.S. House Committee Approves Medical Cannabis Bills That Would Benefit Veterans

The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee approved bipartisan bills that would increase access to state-legal medical cannabis for military veterans and expand research into the potential medical benefits of cannabis for conditions commonly diagnosed in veterans. The committee approved the Veterans Equal Access Act in a 15-11 vote and approved the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research ActContinue reading “U.S. House Committee Approves Medical Cannabis Bills That Would Benefit Veterans”

Scam Alert! Beware of Cannabis Talk Network False Seminars

The possibilities of earning a profit in the cannabis industry are great, but so is the chance of being swindled. Some hopeful entrepreneurs say they lost thousands of dollars after attending seminars hosted by Cannabis Talk Network. Camillia Bowen is one of those unfortunate scam victims. She attended a free seminar held at the MarriottContinue reading “Scam Alert! Beware of Cannabis Talk Network False Seminars”

California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?

California is one of the booming cannabis markets in the whole country. According to research company BDS Analytics, the state is expected to hit $3.1 billion in sales this year; that number is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2024. California presents a tremendous growth opportunity for the industry. And so when investors learned thatContinue reading “California Suspended Over 400 Cannabis Businesses. Why?”

Shadow Box Farms Offering $10,000 Reward After Thieves Steal $1M Worth of Marijuana Goods

Shadow Box Farms of Southeast Portland was the unfortunate target of robbery last October by criminals who stole $1 million worth of marijuana merchandise. The thieves broke in by cutting their way through the roof and climbing down a ladder then proceeded to steal jars of marijuana concentrate and processed flowers. A security camera capturedContinue reading “Shadow Box Farms Offering $10,000 Reward After Thieves Steal $1M Worth of Marijuana Goods”