Shadow Box Farms Offering $10,000 Reward After Thieves Steal $1M Worth of Marijuana Goods

Marijuana flower buds.
Marijuana flower buds. Image by Michael Moriarty from Pixabay.

Shadow Box Farms of Southeast Portland was the unfortunate target of robbery last October by criminals who stole $1 million worth of marijuana merchandise. The thieves broke in by cutting their way through the roof and climbing down a ladder then proceeded to steal jars of marijuana concentrate and processed flowers.

A security camera captured a masked man as he swung at the camera to knock it out. However, other cameras captured the crew as they went to work.

Watch the video.

Thieves Steals $1M Worth of Marijuana Products From Shadowbox Farms. Reported by KOIN 6 News.

According to Tim Winner, Shadowbox Farms President, the thieves stole more than 400 pounds of finished product including 55,000 grams of oil with each jar taking more than 100 hours to make.

“They created a daisy chain on the ladder,” he said. “One person would be here, one person would be in the middle and one person would be at the top and they’d just hand it up as they went up.”

“To get to this state, there is a lot of love and a lot of work that goes into it and it was all taken away,” Winner said. “We had produced enough oil for our year and wasn’t anticipating it all going out the roof.”

He said the company is insured but he’s still giving a $10,000 reward to get the criminals off of the streets. He assesses the state of Oregon will lose around $230,000 in tax revenue due to the robbery.

“A smaller company, they’d be out of business,” Winner stated. “All those jobs would be lost. All that product that could have been sold legally in the state of Oregon and tax revenue collected on it is all gone.”

Winner believes the thieves had taken all the stolen items across the state lines where the market is higher.

“I think I was surprised by just how brash they were and the amount of damage they did, just the total disregard for the people who work here, the industry,” said Winner.

Anyone with information about the suspects can contact the Portland Police Bureau at 503-823-3333.


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