Cannabis Happenings By HER and FoxTale Events

World’s most popular lesbian social app to work with unique cannabis-friendly experience event creator to form one-of-a-kind event programming.

Pride heart graphic.
Pride heart graphic. Image by mmi9 from Pixabay.

HER, the world’s most popular social app for womxn and queer people, is partnering with FoxTale Events to produce cannabis-consumption friendly events for the queer community. The two organizations will work together to produce events based around food, art, music, and community in a cannabis-consumption friendly environment. The partnership brings together HER’s community of over five million users with FoxTale Events’ exquisite curation to produce truly unique social gatherings.

“HER’s mission is to help lesbian, bisexual and queer people to meet each other. Although our app does this at scale, we care deeply about bringing people together on a local level and in person,” says Kris Chesson, Head of Global Events at HER. “FoxTale’s events hit the spot for anyone who enjoys good food, good music, and good people, and, of course, top-quality cannabis.”

Based in Oakland, FoxTale Events produces supper clubs, brunches and social games in a space where people may consume cannabis. The events regularly feature food from notable chefs, live music performances and cannabis experiences with consumption available in pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, and other forms. With restrictions on cannabis consumption written into state and local laws, FoxTale Events provides a needed safe space for cannabis users to meet and enjoy themselves.

“Cannabis enthusiasts and the LGBTQ community both need to seek out spaces where they are safe and welcome. We’re working with HER to create incredibly chill, enjoyable programs where people can get together, laugh, and be themselves,” says Amber E Senter, co-founder of FoxTale Events.

HER and FoxTale Events share the goal of providing safe, inclusive spaces that bring people together. Their partnership will bring the best of each organization to form a social environment unlike any currently on offer.


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