UK Cannabinoid Patients Will Have Access To Medical Cannabis Inhalers

Inhale and exhale signs.
Inhale and exhale signs. Image by Kathleen Port from Pixabay.

Senzer’s pharmaceutical respiratory device will be used in Europe’s first and biggest national medical cannabis registry, Project TWENTY21, in which an expected 20,000 patients will be enrolled by the end of 2021 creating the largest body of evidence for the efficacy of medical cannabis.

Drug Science, the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK running Project TWENTY21, says the aim is to create “the largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis” so that policymakers may be better informed about the possible benefits. Senzer is one of the launch partners that will supply products for patients. Various preparations of cannabinoids will be prescribed by affiliated doctors, and targeted conditions include Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, and Tourette’s Syndrome.

Senzer’s inhaler is CE-marked, approved as a Class II(a) Medical Device and will soon be available in several EU countries. The inhaler is designed to ensure cannabinoid formulations will quickly enter the bloodstream and the Company has data to show that lower doses are needed to achieve clinical effectiveness.

“Senzer Pharmaceuticals is delighted to partner with Drug Science on Project Twenty21,” said Senzer CEO Alex Hearn. “Developing this critical body of real-world data will support evidence-based decision-making for policymakers and clinicians enabling wider access for UK patients to cannabis-based medicinal products now, and in the future.”

Drug Science said a key aim of the observational study was to ensure all 20,000 participants received pharmaceutical GMP-grade medical cannabis at an affordable cost. It said Project TWENTY21 has the support from The Royal College of Psychiatrists, The British Pain Society, the United Patients Alliance, as well as patients, peers, and medical cannabis campaigners.

“Patients with severe debilitating conditions are being denied access to a life-changing medication,” said Drug Science CEO David Badcock. “This happens because prescribers lack the knowledge and confidence to prescribe medicinal cannabis or the cannabis-based medicinal products are extortionately expensive. Project Twenty21 will be using a two-pronged approach to address both of these issues simultaneously and it is only possible with the ongoing support and assistance of our launch partners.”


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