4Front Celebrates Launch of Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

Customers line up outside 4Front's Mission cannabis dispensary in Chicago.
Customers line up outside 4Front’s Mission cannabis dispensary in Chicago on Jan. 1, 2020, the first day of legal adult-use sales in Illinois. Image provided by 4Front.

4Front opened its Chicago Mission cannabis dispensary for adult-use cannabis sales with an overwhelming response from its customer base. In the first five days of its adult-use opening, the dispensary generated sales of more than $266,000 and served over 2,300 customers.

“Our Mission South Shore team worked tirelessly in anticipation of the adult-use launch, and their preparedness has shown through in spades,” said Kris Krane, President of Mission, 4Front’s retail division. “Because our South Shore location is the only adult-use cannabis store on Chicago’s Southeast Side, we drew in many customers from a very wide area. I couldn’t be prouder of the team’s efforts in serving these new customers – they demonstrated that they are ready to show the same uncompromising quality and care they were known for in the two years they worked as a medical cannabis dispensary, but for the significantly increased volumes of adult use. While we expect supply of product to remain tight for the foreseeable future, we remain laser-focused on meeting the strong demand from our customers at friendly price points.”

“2020 is when 4Front expects a sharp inflection in our revenue growth, owing to applying our battle-tested operational capabilities across a licensed portfolio representing a sizable addressable market. We anticipate this acceleration will be aided by a tailwind as the nascent markets we are in, such as Illinois and Massachusetts, begin to grow and mature. The jolt of energy provided by a great Mission South Shore opening is a terrific way to start the year,” said Joshua Rosen, CEO of 4Front.

4Front is a “from plant genetics to cannabis retail experience” company designed for long-term success and built upon battle-tested operating capabilities at scale, experienced and committed leadership, a strategic asset base, and a commitment to being a magnet for talent.


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