Microsoft Approves First Cannabis ERP Solution

Silver Leaf Cannabis Business Central (CBC) ERP Solution available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Silver Leaf Cannabis Business Central (CBC) ERP Solution available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Image provided by Silverware, Inc.

Microsoft recently approved Silver Leaf Cannabis Business Central (CBC) on its app marketplace, AppSource, making it the first-ever cannabis ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution made publicly available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Phoenix-based business management solutions provider, Silverware Inc., established its cannabis vertical, Silver Leaf CBC, in the fall of 2018 to address the needs of high growth companies.

The Silver Leaf CBC software application comes pre-baked with the flexible, robust ERP of Business Central, plus cannabis-specific solutions such as product tracking, quality control, delivery compliance, and financial best practices. Silver Leaf CBC is integrated with various state track and trace systems. Contact directly to inquire about your state.

“We conducted extensive research to configure our traditional ERP solution for the cannabis industry,” states Sara Silver, founder, and president of Silverware Inc. “After spending months developing and beta testing, we have a world-class ERP software with the audit capabilities investors require and the ability to effectively streamline business processes and help automate state compliance requirements, which is necessary to maintain [cannabis] licensing.”

In 2017, Silverware hired Product Manager, Alex Glueckler to explore how they could provide an add-on solution for the cannabis industry. Glueckler has extensive knowledge and experience in this niche; with a career in accounting finance prior, Glueckler was the CFO of Reef Dispensaries (Tyrke Companies), one of the largest cannabis companies in the southwest. He then served as CFO/COO for a private equity company that merged in 2017 with Harvest Inc., to eventually become Harvest Health and Recreation, Inc.

Glueckler explains, “The cannabis industry is facing new levels of growth, but the entry-level systems do not have the capability to keep up. I’m excited that we are the first to be powered by Microsoft’s award-winning Business Central platform and can offer our solution backed by Silverware’s 30 years of implementation experience.”


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