Music & Cannabis – A Match Made In Boston

In response to prolific marketing restrictions imposed upon the state’s fledgling industry, Boston-based JamTown Music Co. offers exclusive partnership opportunities to qualifying cannabis retailers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 12 months, it is almost impossible not to notice the hype around the legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. Now, inContinue reading “Music & Cannabis – A Match Made In Boston”


Lifted Custom Website & App Services for Cannabis Marketing

Lifted, a cannabis technology platform, launches a new platform to help shops and brands launch custom apps and websites. Their goal is to help businesses sell directly to customers and reduce dependence on marketplaces like Weedmaps. “Monopoly marketplaces create unhealthy competition and make it difficult to retain customers. It’s more important than ever for shops,Continue reading “Lifted Custom Website & App Services for Cannabis Marketing”