APCO MED Sets Grand Opening In Oklahoma’s First Cannabis-Friendly Mall

(Top) 21 strains of gorgeous Oklahoman grown flower. (Bottom) APCO MED-Tulsa bud bar patient lounge.
(Top) 21 strains of gorgeous Oklahoman grown flower. (Bottom) APCO MED-Tulsa bud bar patient lounge. Images provided by APCO Media.

The APCO Group, the parent company of APCO MED, announced the November 15th, 2019 “Grand Opening of Gratitude” – a celebration for its first medical marijuana dispensary concept store located in Tulsa’s Flower District – Oklahoma’s first cannabis-friendly mall. Medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, but not for recreational use.

CEO Ford Austin said, “Since it is close to Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to give back to patients for supporting us. This store, with its extra-large bar-style layout, can service a very large number of patients. We are thrilled to offer our trademark feature – affordable cannabis medicine for all patients in a lounge atmosphere with complimentary beverages. Additionally, our space is ideal to educate our patients about medical marijuana, its effects, and safe dosing techniques, while they wait to be helped.”

APCO MED will be providing many levels of cannabis education training, meditation classes and energy healing sound baths in its 3,000 square-foot events center located on the second floor.

Meditation teacher Lauree Dash had this to say, “Meditation has so many natural benefits to offer, including increasing the density of gray matter in our brains, helping to reduce our fight, flight or freeze response and strengthening the area of our brains where executive functions are performed. Regular meditation improves concentration, reduces stress, improves memory and may help reduce anxiety and depression.”

Other merchant services offered in Tulsa’s Flower District include a full- service bar; plush tattoo parlor; a high-end nail salon; smoking accessories & jewelry store; Tulsa’s best vintage record store; a psychic reading/energy work store; and even a steak dinner delivery service. Many Tulsa residents have mentioned the addition of APCO MED dispensary as the “jewel on the crown” of an already amazing shopping center experience.

“What APCO being in Tulsa means is positivity, unity and a solid cannabis foundation for the Tulsa community,” says Oklahoma resident Crystal Smotherman.

Ford Austin & Shayna Marino, founders of APCO MED, said, “Partnering with the other businesses in the Flower District helps us ensure Tulsa patients have a public place where they are not only permitted, but also encouraged, to medicate in public. By moving the Oklahoma medical marijuana community in this direction, it also helps us increase the visibility of the professionalism of the legal cannabis industry in Oklahoma overall.”


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