Green Street Monster Launches the Double Dragon Pre-roll Tube

Double Dragon Pre-roll Tubes in assorted colors.
Double Dragon Pre-roll Tubes in assorted colors. Image provided by Green Street Monster.

With the increasing interest in cannabis both for its medicinal and recreational use, the demand for quality accessories is skyrocketing. Green Street Monster is answering the call in a big way with their new Double Dragon Pre-roll Tube—a 2-in-1 tube with 1 chamber for fresh pre-rolls and a 2nd chamber called the “graveyard” for half-smoked rolls. The first of its kind.

Anyone who has ever used a traditional single chamber tube can relate to the undesired ashes that get on the tips of new pre-rolls when attempting to reuse one.

“It’s the ultimate solution to enjoying a top-notch smoking experience every time and just about anywhere,” commented Green Street Monster. “We know our customers are going to love the Double Dragon as much as we do; there’s nothing like it in the market today.”

The Double Dragon Pre-roll Tube is discreet, airtight, odor-free, waterproof (yes, they float!) and BPA free. It’s also made in the USA. The Double Dragon comes in two different sizes, King and Regular as well as in a variety of colors: smoke, blue, purple, orange, red, and green. It can carry up to 3x more than other tubes on the market.

The Double Dragon is great for personal use, gifts or even stocking stuffers just in time for the holidays.


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