Puurfx Premium CBD-Curated Subscription Box Service

Cake and latte with cannabis leaf design and concentrate.
Cake and latte with cannabis leaf design and concentrate. Images provided by Puurfx.

Puurfx introduces its subscription box services, delivering the luxuries of CBD straight to your door. Puurfx launched intending to provide premium CBD products to those who are looking for high-quality, natural remedies amidst a saturated and sometimes confusing market. With a mission of promoting wellness, Puurfx seeks to educate consumers on what makes a quality product and to make choosing safe and easy. With Puurfx’s recent website and social launch, the curated seasonal delivery boxes, featuring hand-selected full-sized products, will provide a huge relief for those who are just breaking into the CBD world for themselves.

Johanna Espina, the CEO, founded Puurfx on the belief that everyone should have access to premium CBD products. She distinguishes her brand from other CBD curating companies in the careful vetting of all the brands she chooses to feature, hand-picking every product through every step of their production process, from farm to shelf. She ensures their products have been sourced for the highest quality, are scientifically-backed in their claims, and comply with all FDA requirements. With Puurfx, she seeks to provide transparency and meaningful relief for consumers.

“I began to realize that clean cannabinoids are scarce,” said Espina. “I saw people blindly spending money on CBD products, without proper education on safety, ingredients, production quality and facts. And what’s more, I found that some products contained little to no CBD at all, while others contained unlisted ingredients.”

Espina launched Puurfx’s premium subscription boxes to provide customers with a unique variety of products that are US-grown, non-GMO, certified organic and guaranteed to be backed by scientists and CBD professionals alike. Each subscription box is tailored to a customer’s specific needs and features educational resources.

“I want to give people the very best quality products that I can find and use myself,” added Espina. She plans to provide her customers with insights into the CBD process, industry, news, guidance and more.


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