Olympic Medalist Swimmer Gary Hall Jr. Joins C3 International

Gary Hall, Jr. has joined the Board of Advisors for C3 International.
Gary Hall, Jr. has joined the Board of Advisors for C3 International. Image provided by C3 International.

Olympic Hall of Fame Inductee, Gary Hall, Jr. has joined the Board of Advisors for C3 International, a biopharmaceutical company that has played a leadership role in the emerging medical cannabis health sector.

Gary Hall, Jr. is a healthcare-focused board member, patient advocate and key opinion leader with expertise in strategic alliance, marketing, clinical distribution, sports science, medical research, and patient engagement. Hall has over 80 keynote presentations internationally, 10 Olympic medals in swimming and is an Olympic Hall of Fame Inductee. Using accomplishment in sports as a platform to advance diabetes advocacy for over 20 years, Gary amassed an influential network of policymakers, politicians, healthcare industry executives, diabetes care specialists, medical research, nutrition, philanthropic, sport, physical activity, obesity prevention, sports medicine, and sports science organizations.

Gary has testified three times before Senate subcommittees on healthcare-related issues and was a featured speaker at the 2016 Vatican hosted Cellular Horizons conference on stem cell therapy. He is the first recipient of USA Swimming’s Humanitarian Award. One of his health community health initiatives was recognized at the Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit. He has presented at the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, American College of Sports Medicine, International Olympic Committee Medical Commission and National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute conferences.

Idrasil is the first standardized form of medical cannabis. It offers all of the medicinal analgesic and therapeutic benefits of cannabis but is a superior alternative to opiates and life-threatening narcotics because physicians and caregivers can provide patients with safe, non-addictive, measurable dosages.

“The health benefits of CBD seem apparent and C3 International is the only company I’ve found that has Cannabinoid in a divisible, consistently dosed tablet,” said Gary Hall Jr. “It’s an honor to join the team. I look forward to providing perspective on potential athletic and healthcare applications. Idrasil aims to be the worldwide leader in medical cannabis.”

“We are incredibly excited to welcome such an influential medical activist like Gary Hall Jr. onto our Board of Advisors,” said Steele Clarke Smith III, Chairman, and CEO of C3 International. “Hall will bring his vast expertise to our innovative biopharmaceutical company and we can’t wait to work with him!”

Conditions treated with Idrasil include, but are not limited to, AIDS; anorexia; arthritis; autism; anxiety/depression; cancer; chronic pain; glaucoma; migraines; persistent muscle spasms; Parkinson’s; seizures; severe nausea; Tourette’s Syndrome, and any other chronic or a persistent medical symptoms that substantially limit major life activities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Idrasil consists of a proprietary blend of concentrated cannabis extract that is 100% natural and organic. C3’s proprietary process isolates all of the cannabinoids from the cloned cannabis plant, resulting in pure natural extraction in pill form to eliminate the unwanted euphoria and social risks associated with smoking cannabis products and unpredictable dosages of edible confections. Idrasil is a natural product that looks like any pill on the market.

Idrasil is aseptically processed and bacteria-free with a manufacturing process that is FDA-compliant. Idrasil is manufactured in a sterile ISO 9001 certified laboratory with a standardized and consistent 12.5mg, 25mg, or 100mg dose pill. Idrasil is categorized by the FDA as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS).


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