The Marijuana Business Operations Guide Reaches 100,000 Sold Copies

The Marijuana Business Operations Guide book.
The Marijuana Business Operations Guide book. Image provided by Robert Carp.

The Marijuana Business Operations Guide, written by cannabis business author Robert Carp, has reached 100,000 copies sold worldwide. The book, originally published in 2015, is part of a series of eight books including cannabis taxes, standard operating procedures, cannabis licensing and compliance written by the author. The Marijuana Business Operations Guide, the author’s first book in the series, provides both novices and licensed cannabis enterprises with industry-accepted practices such as security, dispensing both medical and adult-use cannabis, processing and cultivation operational guides, and compliance checklists. “When the book first was published, the forty-page business plan included was the most widely circulated blueprint for obtaining financing and creating operating procedures for any sort of cannabis licensee. It has provided entrepreneurs, as well as investment capital firms with operating guidelines and budgets for starting any sort of licensed cannabis enterprise,” according to the author Robert Carp. Carp has spoken at every major cannabis trade show in the United States on creating a sustainable, profitable and compliant business model.

Due to the federal illegality of cannabis, the book utilizes a state licensing approach for creating cannabis businesses. The book provides specific information for the entire lifespan of a cannabis business, starting with the business plan, and ultimately ending with different exit strategies, including a step by step approach to taking the business public. Carp has worked and advised every major cannabis player in the industry, both in the United States and other foreign countries where it is legal. Within the book are several chapters that guide the most critical parts of the business, including facility design, inventory control, compliance, operating agreements, licensing agreements (cannabis can not be sold or moved across state lines, so edible manufacturers must license the intellectual property for production in other states), security, and the chain of custody protocols which every state mandates for licensing.

Many parts of the book have been utilized by different state governments to help focus the application process for licensing. The chapters on minimizing the environmental impact of cannabis production, waste management, security and employee guidelines have been adopted by most states as part of their licensing requirements. Carp has also written the Marijuana Business Licensing Guide, a four hundred page book that provides carefully crafted answers to the many different parts of the state licensing process. “As the industry matures and approaches federal legalization, it is my goal to help licensed facilities and people seeking licenses to understand and create a profitable business model that complies with all parts of state and federal requirements,” Carp stated.


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