Vegan Rolling Papers From Cannabitch

Cannabitch Brands vegan rolling papers.
Cannabitch Brands vegan rolling papers. Images provided by Cannabitch Brands.

Cannabitch Brands has released a new line of vegan rolling papers that celebrates diversity and inclusivity and seeks to show that boss babes and womxn of all kinds use cannabis, too. Cannabitch Vegan Rolling Papers is a thriving, woman-owned small business based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

“Cannabis users come in all shapes, colors, and sexual orientation, and we’re about the mass representation of anyone who identifies as female,” says Jahna Eichel, founder of Cannabitch Vegan Rolling Papers. “We want to see more women involved in all aspects of the cannabis industry, and we want women, and those who identify as such, to feel empowered during their smoke sesh.”

Cannabitch’s mission is to create an ethically-made product that fosters a culture of diversity and inclusivity. Their motto is to “pass joints, not judgments,” and that is a message that has resonated with womxn everywhere. They launched their papers in September 2019, and have already fulfilled orders from every state in the U.S., as well as Mexico and Canada.

The holographic colors and badass womxn featured on the packaging make Cannabitch kitschy and cool. They passed over the toxic chemicals, bleaches, and animal parts used in most rolling papers, and instead, created a quality paper that is all-natural, super thin, burns evenly, and lets your bud shine through. Cannabitch hopes that more womxn will feel comfortable being known as cannabis users if they’re using Cannabitch vegan rolling papers.


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