Lil Wayne Presents GKUA Ultra Premium High-Potency Cannabis

Lil Wayne’s new venture GKUA Ultra Premium has an emphasis on purity and offers a line of high-potency cannabis products designed to provide consumers with the best high of their lives. This unique new brand celebrates the best cannabis in the world, with some of the highest natural levels of THC available. GKUA Ultra PremiumContinue reading “Lil Wayne Presents GKUA Ultra Premium High-Potency Cannabis”

Shadow Box Farms Offering $10,000 Reward After Thieves Steal $1M Worth of Marijuana Goods

Shadow Box Farms of Southeast Portland was the unfortunate target of robbery last October by criminals who stole $1 million worth of marijuana merchandise. The thieves broke in by cutting their way through the roof and climbing down a ladder then proceeded to steal jars of marijuana concentrate and processed flowers. A security camera capturedContinue reading “Shadow Box Farms Offering $10,000 Reward After Thieves Steal $1M Worth of Marijuana Goods”

91% of U.S. Adults Say Marijuana Should Be Legal Either For Medical And Recreational Use

The latest Pew Research Center survey released November 14th says the share of U.S. adults who oppose legalization has fallen from 52% in 2010 to 32% today. A strong majority of U.S. adults (91%) say marijuana should be legal either for medical and recreational use (59%) or that it should be legal just for medicalContinue reading “91% of U.S. Adults Say Marijuana Should Be Legal Either For Medical And Recreational Use”

Michigan To Begin Recreational Marijuana Sales on December 1st

After one year of waiting – the initiative passed in November 2018, Michigan residents will be able to buy marijuana for recreational use on December 1. According to the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, medical marijuana establishments must obtain a recreational license from the state. Michigan regulators started accepting and approving those licenses earlier this month.Continue reading “Michigan To Begin Recreational Marijuana Sales on December 1st”

Drake and Canopy Growth Launch New Cannabis Company

Drake is the latest celebrity to partner up with Ontario based company, Canopy Growth Corporation. They have entered into agreements to launch the More Life Growth Company, a fully licensed producer of cannabis-based in Drake’s hometown of Toronto, Canada. “When we first began talks with Drake we were extremely inspired by and aligned with hisContinue reading “Drake and Canopy Growth Launch New Cannabis Company”

Cannabis and Fashion Holiday Collaboration

This holiday season, award-winning and design-focused Canadian cannabis brand, Tokyo Smoke, is teaming up with an iconic luxury retailer, Holt Renfrew, for a first of its kind collaboration that introduces fashion to flower. The collaboration includes a capsule collection of cannabis accessories wrapped in Holt Renfrew’s Toile print and holiday pop-up accessory shops at HoltContinue reading “Cannabis and Fashion Holiday Collaboration”

Colorado – Denver’s Best Cannabis Tours

Colorado was one of two states to first legalize marijuana recreationally back in 2012. Denver aka Mile High City, was the first city to make marijuana legal for adult-enjoyment use, so they have had time to tweak, organize, and perfect cannabis tours compared to other cities like San Francisco or Portland. So, if you’re visitingContinue reading “Colorado – Denver’s Best Cannabis Tours”

Women Thriving in the Cannabis Industry

According to a report published by Marijuana Business Daily, women currently hold more than one third (about 37%) of senior executive positions in the cannabis industry, compared with a 21% national average for all U.S. businesses. The number dropped to 27% in 2017, however, it has since gone back up. Now, will this trend lastContinue reading “Women Thriving in the Cannabis Industry”

Canada’s Seniors Receives Cannabis Discount

Forbes contributor Abbie Rosner interviewed Moses Znaimer, President of CARP (Canadian Association for Retired Persons) – Canada’s version of AARP, to talk about medical marijuana and CARP’s support to help members learn about and obtain medical cannabis. Recently, AARP vocalized the need for education on medical marijuana for seniors. Rosner asked Znaimer about CARP’s recordContinue reading “Canada’s Seniors Receives Cannabis Discount”

Local College in Cook County Offers Cannabis Certification Course

Oakton Community College is offering a cannabis certification course beginning with their fall semester. The course, Cannabis Dispensary and Patient Care Specialist Certificate is geared towards the rapidly evolving cannabis market in Illinois. “We saw an opportunity to provide job training for students in an emerging market,” said Bob Sompolski, Dean of STEM & HealthContinue reading “Local College in Cook County Offers Cannabis Certification Course”