Howard Stern, Snoop Dogg, and Seth Rogen Talkin’ ‘Bout Weed

Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg on the Howard Stern Show.
Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg on the Howard Stern Show.

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen were guests at The Howard Stern Show on October 8, 2019, and talked about their love for cannabis and how they enjoy getting high.

Howard asked Seth if he smokes with Snoop and Seth replied, “Yeah, many times!” To which Snoop added, “I certainly enjoy smoking with Seth.” Howard then asked if there are people that bums out Snoop when smoking with them and Snoop responded, “Yeah, ’cause they talk too motherfuckin’ much and they just get in the way, but Seth enjoys the moment. He’s creative. This motherfucker knows how to make a joint that looks like a cross!”

Howard then mentions that JD Harmeyer, one of the show’s producers, planned to smoke weed for the very first time and he advised him to take it easy and only do maybe 3 hits. Seth jumped in and said, “I’d start with one!” Snoop quickly added, “Yeah! I say half of one!” Watch the amusing clip below.

Another clip below shows the guys perusing through the Lowell Cafe menus – the first cannabis cafe in L.A., and Seth tells JD that he should probably start with a stronger weed to make sure he actually feels something, but quickly reiterated, “But again, one fucking hit!” Snoop then breaks out a pre-rolled joint and said, “If you hit this motherfucker one time, your bitch ass gonna be done!”


NuWu Tasting Lounge – Las Vegas’ First Cannabis Consumption Room

Kush in jars being weighed by a budtender.
Kush in jars being weighed by a budtender. Photo by Get Budding on Unsplash.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace opened the first cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada on October 5 – a historical opening.

Giving the go-ahead for public consumption lounges in the City of Las Vegas has been delayed, but there are exceptions. Nuwu is settled on sovereign land held by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. Due to this, it is self-regulated through the Las Vegas Paiute Cannabis Authority and is not obligated to the same limitations as the rest of the state.

According to Benny Tso, former chairman of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and current tribal council member, “It’s a safe and secure environment. Experts administer the dab hit and bong rip; they know what the product is, what it does and how to let consumers consume safely. We’re looking at the safety and well-being of our customers, tribal members, and our employees.”

The Nuwu Tasting Room menu consists of pre-rolls, bowls, pipes, concentrates, and edibles. Pre-rolls are $20; bowls are $10-$12; pipes are $22-$25; concentrates are $12-$14; and edibles are $8-$10. The new Cannabis Beer ($8) is a lager with Pilsner malt.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace spans nearly 16,000 square feet and is the largest marijuana dispensary worldwide. They are located at 1235 Paiute Drive off N. Main St. and they have a 24-hour drive-thru in case you do not want to leave your car.

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Valens GroWorks Corp. at the Frontlines of the Future $4.1 Billion Edibles Market

edible cookies and marijuana bud
Edible cookies and marijuana bud. Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash.

THC-infused drinks will be available in Canada this December, and Valens GroWorks Corp. will not be left on the sidelines.

Valens has joined a five-year agreement with Iconic Brewing. Valens will produce high-quality extracts and creation services for Iconic, while Iconic will brand and market the goods across Canada. The companies are set to deliver a minimum of 2.5 million cannabis-infused drinks over the next five years with the possibility of generating new products in the future.

For cannabis lovers who do not enjoy smoking as much, edibles are a great alternative. Edibles are unobtrusive, simple to transport, and there’s no worry about smelling like marijuana after you consume a THC-infused food or beverage. For these reasons, the edible market is anticipated to reach $4.1 billion by 2022 in North America.

Edibles will not only boost long-term sales in the cannabis industry, but companies such as Valens will also be depended on to supply the growing demand for THC-infused and CBD-infused products.

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CBD Facts and History

cbd hemp oil
CBD hemp oil. Photo by Enecta Srl on Unsplash.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 100 composites called cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD contributes to many health advantages, but it does not get you high – unlike its infamous relative tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because of this, people are looking to CBD products to relieve physical ache like muscle pain and inflammation also mental ailments such as anxiety and stress.

Cannabis has been around for millenniums and people have garnered its health benefits just as long. According to CBD Origin, the first chronicled case of cannabis use for medical purposes was in 2737 BC when Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung drank cannabis-infused tea to treat a variety of illnesses.

However, science and medicine did not take cannabis seriously until the modern era. Finally, Dr. Raphel Mechoulam successfully concluded CBD’s and THC’s stereochemistry, jointly in 1963 and 1964. His research showed which distinct cannabis particles were responsible for its many health and euphoric effects. Due to this, CBD products began appearing in oil, lotion, food, etc. And, CBD is not only for people, CBD products for dogs is also one of the fastest-growing trends with pet owners.

CBD products are more popular than ever – being used in sports and getting endorsed by celebrities and influencers – it’s not going to fade away soon. And, as research advances, other cannabinoids might unveil themselves to present other health advantages also.

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Lowell Cafe – USA’s First Public Cannabis Restaurant

Drink with marijuana leaf design. Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash.

Lowell Cafe is now open! The much-anticipated cafe is located in West Hollywood on La Brea between Santa Monica and Fountain. Cannabis connoisseur who are 21 and over can now eat food and smoke weed at the same time – legally!

According to reports, upon arrival, security will check for an ID then a host will lead you to your table. The cafe is organized bistro-style and the setting is warm and comfortable. And, thanks to a high-end air filtration system, there’s no obvious haze even with a roomful of people smoking.

No alcohol is sold at Lowell Cafe by California cannabis laws. Nonetheless, the weed menu is filled with bud, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and infused beverages. Also available are pre-rolls with alluring names like Black Gelato and Kushberry Cheesecake. Each segment on the menu covers an estimate of onset and duration times so you can decide on what you choose to order. “Flower hosts” are in attendance to help you maneuver the wide cannabis menu. Customers can bring their personal cannabis, but they will pay a $20 “tokeage” fee.

Executive Chef Andrea Drummer heads the kitchen and also a partner in the restaurant. Her dishes are created as shareable plates to pair with the exciting cannabis list.

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The Cannabis Consumption of Companies

Today’s marijuana culture is not the same as the essence you smoked in college.

At present-day, consumer merchandise is taking part in reefer madness. According to writer Brian Kateman, cannabis is being applied from food and beverage to fitness and wellness and beyond.

Cooking classes centered around dishes made with marijuana are being offered in locations at California and Denver. Cookbooks such as Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed are being published.

Today’s marijuana culture is not the same as the essence you smoked in college. Known for its medicinal and healing intentions, cannabis is a hot commodity in food tech and other consumer goods.

Nowadays, farmers can separate the two main chemical composites found in marijuana: THC and CBD. THC has remedial advantages and it’s the part of the hemp plant that gets you high because of its psychoactive compound. CBD is not psychoactive but has therapeutic benefits. Supposedly it provides many of the anti-anxiety, analgesic interests of the plant without providing a high.

Companies and consumers are enthusiastic to try CBD in various products, from food to oils to skincare, and they are being sold retails stores like CVS and Walgreens. In states and cities where it’s legal, cannabis fans can order CBD-infused drinks such as lattes and cocktails.

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